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When we think of exercise and body composition we have to think about what we are feeding and how we are healing. Our food provides us our nutrients which help our bodies function properly. Therefore, it is incredibly important to understand what it is you are putting into your body and how they each affect basic bodily functions.

There is a great deal of information out there that is rather conflicting when it comes to the importance of each type of nutrient. Here, I’ve broken down the 4 macronutrients in order of importance.

Be sure to check out my following articles where I break down each macronutrient into detail and offer some helpful suggestions for deciding how much you should be aiming for.

#1: Protein

Whether we are reducing calories, following a keto diet, or exercising like a possessed demon we need to prioritize protein. Why? Because protein is necessary for muscle growth and maintenance. Muscle is an important anti-aging organ, your primary fat burner, your primary sugar burner, and therefore associated with better health outcomes and better aging across the board.

#2: Fat

After proteins there are many things to say about fat. From demonized to idolized and all the good and bad in between. Fat makes foods delicious and is essential for health on many fronts. It can be an excellent source of energy that is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. When eaten at the wrong times, it can be problematic and of course we’ll have to talk about the bad fats too.

#3: Carbs

It is also necessary that we talk about carbohydrates (carbs). This much maligned macro has taken a hit recently. Of course, not all carbs are bad and you certainly shouldn’t be afraid of carbs. Just like our other macros timing, quality and quantity matter a lot.

#4: Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t one of your classic macros but many people get a significant amount of calories from alcohol so it is important to talk about how it affects our bodies.

Remember, macronutrients are all necessary to allow our bodies to function. However, understanding how they work within our bodies is the key to deciding how to best fuel your own.

Be sure to check out my following posts where I break down each macronutrient, help you understand how and why they work inside the body, and help you determine how to include them in your diet.

-Dr. Jerome Craig


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