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Anticipation of the destination – It is really exciting to be going somewhere, to be starting something new. You likely set meaningful goals…something that you can aim for and something to focus on – the destination or the outcome you are striving for.

We all do this, and we are told that it is good to have something to aim for.  

But hold on!

Before you set off you need to know where you are starting from. You need to find that before you can take the first step because mapping your path or journey requires a reference point. If you know where you are starting you can better map your way to your destination. You will be more efficient, take less “unforeseen detours”, and arrive much more smoothly at your desired goal. YOU NEED DATA.

So, as I shared in one of my recent blog posts, this comes back to YOUR WHY? To explain my point, I’ve included a few examples to help jumpstart your beginning, middle, and end thought process.

Fat Loss Metrics

For example, if “Your Why” is fat loss (and it feels true to you) you need to know what your starting body fat percentage is, and how you are going to measure your progress along your journey. So you need a way to measure body fat. Does your scale do that? Are you interested in a DEXA scan?

Remember weight is just your gravitational force upon the earth – it says nothing about body fat percentage. Maybe some circumference measurements around your waist, buttocks, arms, and thighs could be helpful to watch along with weight?

Food Craving Metrics

Is “Your Why” overcoming food cravings? Then you need to create a consistent way to rate those cravings. On a scale of 1-10 how much does this affect you? How often will you track your metrics? Day to day, hour to hour, etc?

Digestive Issue Metrics

Let’s say “Your Why” is fixing your digestive issues. Create a way to evaluate and document your discomfort somehow. Again, on a scale of 1-10 how much does this affect you? How much pain are you in? What time(s) of day will be necessary for you to track? Think these metrics through and stay consistent.


If you need help with figuring out how to track from starting point to outcome please let me know. Finding a way to note your starting point, identify your end goal, and track your progress in between makes for a much higher chance of success. I am here to help you succeed, and identifying these items is often easier when you have someone to talk it through with who will also hold you accountable. I am passionate about helping people feel healthy and happy in a way that works for them. Let’s get to mapping out your own journey together.

Dr. Jerome Craig


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