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Fat Is Crucial For Health

Those hormones that are not peptide hormones (protein-based) are are lipid-based (fat) and built on a cholesterol backbone. For example, your sex hormones and stress hormones are both lipid based.

The fear of fat has plagued this country for almost 70 years. Thankfully, the tide has turned and more and more studies have come to light showing that the demonization of fats has hurt people more than it has helped them.

Clean quality fats and cholesterol can be good for you, despite what we have been fed from the governmental and medical organizations over the last several decades.

Saturated fats, for example, are a very good fuel source. They can satiate us, which prevents overeating, they have a minimal insulin response and can help to keep blood sugars down; just to name a few.


The Function of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the major component of all our cell membranes and is a repair and structural molecule. That means we need some cholesterol in order for our bodies to function properly. Despite popular belief, it’s not all bad! Our brains and the rest of the nervous system are made largely from fat and cholesterol and we need them for good health.


Don’t Fear Fat

High-fat, low-carb diets have also come and gone over the last 200 years and we are now firmly in the middle of another resurgence…but this time backed by science.

Remember, fats are essential. It is all about understanding the right fats to consume and use to fuel your body.

If you are still not convinced, give this video a watch. I encourage you to watch the entire video but as a tip, you can always speed up the rate of a video in the settings!  Let it guide you to be freed you from your fear of fats.



I’ll be speaking in greater detail about fats in many of my upcoming articles. For now, don’t fear the fats and don’t forget the importance of proteins!

-Dr. Jerome Craig