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In the age of Dr. Google, celebrity diets, six pack abs, and med-utainment I believe that more and more people are unhealthy – more than ever before. Of course the reasons are maybe the drastic population explosion, the compromised food supply, polluted air and water, the constant go-go-go, lack of sunlight, poor sleep and so on.

People have become so confused about how to “become healthy” due to the constant barrage of information coming their way.  They tried this and tried that, some say they have “tried everything” – eaten this way, taken that supplement, followed this protocol, done that exercise, optimized that one hormone yet they are still lost, fatigued, weak, and feel like doo-doo.

Many give up but others somehow muster up the strength to give “it” another try or try this other thing one more time before they pack it up and the poor health and advanced years finally gets the better of them and they say things like – “What’s the point in continuing anyway?”

Don’t let this be you. It is never too late to make permanent lasting changes in your health. A happy healthy old age starts now.


So what does one do?

The problem with doing all these things to improve health, like following meal plans and exercise routines and supplementation protocols, is that we focus so much on what we are doing and not enough on what we are creating.

We believe that the more we do, the more we receive, but in creating health (as in most things) more does not equal better.

So if you are tired of “trying to get healthy” stop for a moment and think of this life and body as the ultimate experiment. To experiment you have to take action, then examine the results, then determine if those results will help you achieve the outcome you have in mind. If not, you adjust and repeat. Every time you do something, pay attention to your results–those in the short term and long term. Your body gives you endless feedback day in and day out. Paying attention is key – it is amazing how few people do this!


Why you are afraid to experiment.

We live in a time where we believe we need to ask permission to do something, to think for ourselves, or even ask questions.

It likely started way back in school – from raising your hand to ask a question to being excused to go to the restroom – and has continued into how we think about nutrition, health and exercise.

“Ask you doctor if this is right for you. “

“Please check with you doctor before following xyz nutritional advice.”

” Before doing this sport or joining this gym or working with this trainer – check with your doctor.”


Sound familiar? We have outsourced our health to others.

As a society, we make rules for others to follow and so many of us follow them without question.

The system has made us afraid to question “authority” – from the the USDA, to the FDA, AHA, ADA, AMA, WHO, AAP, CDC, WMA,  and all those other TLA’s (three letter acronyms). 😉

We no longer believe in the innate intelligence of the human body. We completely ignore the flow of nature.

We think that we have to eat a certain way, at a certain time, in certain ratios, not too much of this, more of that, – oh wait flip that around – eat this man made food because nature has it wrong.

I’m inviting you to dump all preconceived notions around health, diet, and exercise and examine both sides of the coin and everything in between.

The power to create your own health is within you. Through experimentation, only YOU can determine what the right option is for you. I encourage you to continue experimenting in health and wellness…and I am happy to be a guiding support along that journey.


-Dr. Jerome Craig

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