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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact our new patient coordinator via email, or set up a FREE discovery consultation.

Scheduling & Visits

What Are The Restrictions On Virtual Doctor's Visits?

According to Oregon law your initial visit must be in person. After the first visit, all follow up visits can be conducted by phone or virtually using our secure video channel if you choose.

Email Etiquette

Email communication has been acknowledged as a resource which improves access, efficiency, responsiveness, patient focus, and the quality of health care. However, email is not considered secure and therefore not an appropriate space to discuss one’s health and private information. While short emails can be used to confirm appointments and the like, it would be a violation of HIPPA laws to use emails to direct patient specific care or answer specific questions.

Further, if an email question or request is deemed to be too complicated or involved for a response via email Dr. Craig may, at their discretion, require that the patient schedule a phone, telemedicine or in person visit instead of responding via email.

Scheduling & Cancellations

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments with Dr. Craig. Canceling within 24-hours will result in a $50 charge to the credit card on file.

No-shows: If you do not show up to a phone, video/telemedicine or in person appointment without notifying Dr. Craig either via email or by changing the appointment using the online scheduling tool on the website, you will be charged $100 to the card on file.

Billing & Insurance

I am Not A Conventional Primary Care Physician

For many of my patients, I can take the place of a primary care physician.
It is important to note the following however:

1. Dr. Craig does not fulfill an insurance company’s requirement for an in network primary care physician as he is not in-network with any insurance plan.

2. Dr. Craig is not available for same-day emergency appointments.

3. Dr. Craig does not have a 24-hour answering service and does not take calls on weekends. If you need to be seen urgently or have a medical emergency you would need to visit an ER or urgent care center.

We Do Not Bill Insurance Companies

The cost of any services provided by Dr. Craig which are not included in the episode of care fee will be billed to you directly.

Non-office medical expenses such as lab tests may be covered by a member’s health insurance plan per that plan’s rules.

Dr. Craig will not submit a medical claim to insurance on your behalf. He cannot assist you with claim resolution for his services.

Dr. Craig can provide you with a detailed billing summary that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. There may be procedures or lab tests that are not covered depending on your plan’s rules.

About Lab Tests
  • Some lab tests ordered by Dr. Craig will be billed directly to your insurance by the lab.
  • Other lab tests offered as part of our Dr. Craig’s functional medicine testing program may not be covered by insurance and in these cases you will be charged a fee for a particular test by the lab or through Dr. Craig’s office.
  • The specific tests ordered will be personalized to you based on your initial evaluation with Dr. Craig and may include blood, saliva, urine or stool testing.
  • Dr. Craig will make every effort to make you fully aware of any additional lab fees that may be incurred and to give you the opportunity to choose which lab tests you feel comfortable paying for.
  • You are under no obligation to purchase any specialty testing.
  • Should any lab results indicate you may need further testing you will be directed to continue your care with your primary care physician or a relevant specialist, or should you choose you may continue to work with Dr. Craig.
  • At home test kits: If a lab test kit is mailed to you by Dr. Craig, you will be charged the day the kit is mailed.
  • If your particular insurance company only pays for blood work done at a particular lab facility like LabCorp, you must inform us of this in advance of having blood work done. Dr. Craig prefers to use cash cooperatives to run most blood work as there are significant savings over most insurance plans. 

Functional Medicine Lab Tests

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is one of the most valuable, efficient and cost-effective screening tools for evaluating the status of your health. Unlike conventional blood chemistry testing which uses ‘pathological’ reference ranges to diagnose disease, FBCA utilises ‘optimal’ or ‘functional’ ranges in order to assess disease risk and identify sub-clinical health problems long before they manifest as diseases.
With early detection many health problems can be prevented and appropriately managed with diet and lifestyle interventions.

When interpreted correctly, the right FBCA can provide an impressive amount of valuable information regarding a wide-range of bodily functions and physiological mechanisms, including but not limited to:

Blood Sugar Regulation, Cardiovascular Health, Digestive Function, Hormone Balance, Liver & Gallbladder Function,
Kidney Function, Adrenal & Thyroid Functional, Nutritional Deficiencies, Inflammation, Hydration Status, Immune Function,
Oxygen Carrying Capacity, Toxicity & Oxidative Stress, Acid/Base Balance (pH)…

There are several levels of tests that I recommend depending on the depth of analysis needed. A basic Functional Panel begins with around 60 biomarkers and the more comprehensive panels will contain over 100 biomarkers.

The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis establishes a baseline of biomarkers that can be used to track health and disease risk over time and can be used to monitor the effects of a specified health program. Periodic testing is recommended every 3-12 months depending upon the patient’s health status and concerns.

Each Test Includes:

  • Add your content…Comprehensive Report of Findings
  • 45 Minute 1-on-1 Results Consultation
  • Suggestions for Therapeutic Protocols
  • Recommendations for Follow-Up Testing
Organic Acids Test (OAT)

The Organic Acids Test provides a view into the body’s cellular metabolic processes and the efficiency of metabolic function. This tests for intermediates that are produced in pathways of central energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter breakdown, or intestinal microbial activity.
Through analysis of the OAT I can identify specific metabolic blocks which allows me to tailor patient specific personalized interventions to maximize responses, leading to improved outcomes.

Marked accumulation of specific organic acids detected in urine often signals a metabolic inhibition or block indicating either nutrient deficiencies, inherited enzyme deficiencies, toxic build-up or drug effects, and includes several analytes that are markers of dysbiosis (imbalanced gut microbiota).

​This test requires only a urine sample.

DUTCH Testing

Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormones, or DUTCH, is the most advanced test for adrenal and reproductive hormones.

  • More comprehensive than serum, saliva or 24-hour urine testing
  • Easy patient collection (4 dried urine samples collected simply on filter paper)
  • Unparalleled adrenal testing (diurnal free cortisol pattern with cortisol metabolites)
  • Accurate and comprehensive testing of sex hormones and metabolites (including 2,4,16-OH oestrogens)
  • Effective monitoring of hormone replacement (improved clinical accuracy for many scenarios)
  • 8 separate lab methods (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS) to ensure the most accurate methods for each test
  • One simple test to bring you unrivaled clinical information and confident clinical conclusions
Comprehensive Stool Analysis (CSA)

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis is a functional test that provides an overview of the functional components of digestion, absorption, and includes microbial balance and identification of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and yeasts.

Poor digestive function and imbalanced gut microbiome can play a critical role in the root cause of many health conditions.

Indicators of poor gut function include symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, abdominal discomfort and bad breath.

​This test involves stool collection in the privacy of you home.

Specialty Labs That Are Available

Dr. Craig does his best to keep costs down by ordering lab testing through labs that are generally covered by health insurance.However, with the expansion of insurance many of the more advanced lab testing is now being denied coverage by major carriers.

Dr. Craig carries accounts with a variety of labs to conduct specialized testing as to find the appropriate test to fit the patient’s budget. Below are some specialty labs that are available.

  • Genova – NutrEval (tests for Nutrient levels, Amino Acids, Toxins, Organic Acids), Salivary Adrenal Cortisol test, Melatonin Testing
  • Great Plains Lab – Organic Acid testing, Environmental Toxin testing
  • Cyrex Labs – Testing for Food Allergies, Immune Antibodies, Blood Brain Barrier Integrity, Leaky Gut
  • Precision Analytical – DUTCH Hormone testing – Sex and Adrenal Hormones
  • Labrix/ Doctor’s Data – Salivary Hormone testing, Neurotransmitter testing, Comprehensive Stool Analysis

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