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Cancer is an insidious totally f*d up diagnosis to receive. It radically affected the life of many members of my family as of late. Cancer sucks! It is really frustrating and humbling when you cannot help someone avoid cancer especially when you feel you should be able to because – well, I’m a doctor! This has had a heavier impact on me than I would care to admit but here I am telling you that cancer has totally changed my life and the way I practice my medicine.

The truth of the matter is that this has hit me particularly hard for three reasons:

1) My younger brother recently had 10″ of his colon removed, numerous rounds of radiation and 2 different rounds of chemotherapy to treat colorectal cancer – one of the cancers on the rise in the younger population. He is only 43, and at the one year mark, we are happy to count him as a survivor with the annoying side effects of neuropathy in the hands and feet that may never go away and disrupted bowel function.

2) Last June my father-in-law was declared cancer-free after already having a radical prostatectomy three years earlier and multiple immunotherapy treatments over the years to treat bladder cancer. We were so thrilled to hear that there was NO cancer to be found in his bladder but later in October he had a follow up and received the news that his bladder cancer was still absent but it had metastasized to kidneys and liver and he only had 6-9 months left. Within 6 weeks he was gone. He passed right after Thanksgiving and is now at peace.

3) Two weeks after her father died Sarah, my wife, my rock, received the news that her mammogram was abnormal and multiple imaging test and biopsies later she was told she had invasive ductal cell carcinoma (in-situ) and it was throughout both breasts. The first quarter of 2019 was devoted to numerous tests, radical bilateral mastectomy, and getting cued up for chemotherapy. We now are at the halfway mark through chemo and she is doing as best as can be expected for someone being poisoned for a purpose. This phase will be over at the end of June, another surgery will be at the end of July and then daily radiation will take up most of September.


(Me and the family at the beach -Craig Family)


As you can see, cancer sucks. My wife is a total trooper and she is going to kick this shit. My job is to keep things going as smoothly as possible and be able to support her in whatever way she needs.

The worst thing about this is that our kids are so young (7 & 9) and witnessed the effects of cancer on their grandpa and their uncle so recently. It breaks my heart seeing them worry about their mom.

Needless to say, my focus has not been on business and patient care over the past 9 months. I am back in the office now that life has settled into more of a routine. Due to this experience, my perspectives and my priorities in my practice have shifted and I appreciate all of the kind words and patience others have shared with me over the recent months.

With fresh eyes, I am looking forward to getting back to helping others take control of their health and feel their best. If you would like to learn more about my Complete Health Programs, click HERE to set up an appointment.

I would love to get to know you. Maybe we can find a deep level of connection and understanding as a positive effect of my recent experiences.

Thanks for your support.

-Dr. Jerome Craig


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