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Hello again!

I am excited to be coming your way with some exciting details about our third session of Building Better Bodies, starting Wednesday January 23, 2019.

Take a look at the details here and read even more below:

Our third session is all about investigating different eating approaches and figuring out which one of the countless options our there is best suited to you and your goals.

We all know that diets pretty much suck.

Most recipes and eating plans that accompany diets fail miserably as a whole because they ignore our differences! We’re lumped together like we’re one giant blob of humanity with the same tastes, the same needs, the same wants and goals and all experiencing the same health or disease.


Where it is all about the differences!!! We can find 1,000’s of “individualized” plans for the different nutritional tribes and Nutri-religious factions, supported by all the studies you could wish to find to support that WOE (Way of eating).

It is no wonder we are confused!!

We cannot paint everyone with a broad “nutritional brush of need” while ignoring their genetics, their heritage, their personal health history, their nutritional deficiencies, their goals and so on. We need to honor bioindividuality.

Who do you follow? What do you believe? How does your diet align with your goals?

Do you listen to your body? Are you in synch with nature/your nature?

Starting this next Wednesday we’ll be looking at all the pros and cons of these different WOE’s and examining a variety of persistent questions that surround personal nutrition.

The biggest problem with dietary confusion out there these days is that it is centered around a single question ~ What should I eat? And as you know there are thousands of conflicting voices.

Too often there are more important questions left unasked and unanswered.

Why? is a really good question.

Why would you chose a certain way of eating for example. Knowing the personal why behind a dietary pattern then determines the how, the when, the where etc.

Examining How we eat is super important. When we eat is also very important.

But I think a very important question is WHO?

Who are you? Because who you are can determine how certain foods are metabolized by your body.

There is your ancestral heritage at play that adapted over many generations to thrive on the foods that were in the environment.

There whole concept of Nutritional Genomics (NutriGenomics) is taking off and there is still so much we don’t understand. Like, we know there is a relationship between diet, genetics and disease, but these links are not always clear, and individuals respond in different ways to changes in diet.

So this is going to be the premise of this course as we dive into different dietary patterns and help you decide:

Which dietary approach is most suited to you and your heritage?
Does this line up with your goals?
Should you eat the same way year round?
Should you plan for more dietary variety or less depending on the season?

We’ll look at pros and cons of differing approaches from paleo principles, to high carb low fat, high fat low carb, high protein, low protein, high vegetable low animal, low vegetable high animal and all over the spectrum.

If you are interested in joining us:

We kick off next week, Wednesday Jan. 23rd @ 6:30 pm, with a live in person session at Honest Training.
Then over the following 4 Wednesdays we have live online sessions @ 7:30 pm that run through February 20th.
In addition, there are online “modules & activities” released through out the week to keep you engaged and interacting with your peers for those of you who appreciate community and accountability.
All material is archived online for you to access at your convenience. If you are unable to make it to a Wednesday night session all will be recorded and available to you when you have the time.


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I will see you soon.


-Dr. Jerome Craig


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