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Cancer Sucks: How Cancer Changed My Practice

Cancer is an insidious totally f*d up diagnosis to receive. It radically affected the life of many members of my family as of late. Cancer sucks! It is really frustrating and humbling when you cannot help someone avoid cancer especially when you feel you should be able to because – well, I’m a doctor! This has had a heavier impact on me than I would care to admit but here I am telling you that cancer has totally changed my life and the way I practice my medicine.

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Protect your Thyroid from these Antibiotics

Antibiotics have been one of the miracles of modern medicine and can be lifesavers in the right context. Unfortunately, there are significant downsides to many of these antibiotics and those suffering from thyroid conditions have to be aware of a specific class of antibiotics known as quinolones or fluoroquinolones.

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4 Ways to Utilize Genes and Personal History to Advance Your Health

We often approach nutrition as a blanket solution for all. Though some things are good rules of thumb for all humans to follow, this blanket isn’t all the advantageous for as as an individual. There are countless factors going into understanding what makes our bodies function best in terms of nutrients and food sources. The truth is, we all hail from different areas of the planet…and this matters.

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Why Human Adaptation Plays a Role in Our Nutrition

Adaptation is an awesome thing. As humans, we are very adaptable and we’ve mutated to become more civilized. I’m not talkin X-Men kind of mutations here, what I’m talking about is that we have genetic propensities that have evolved over a long time to be able to process certain foods.

This is truly amazing when you think of the sheer magnitude of our change. Over time, humans have adapted in order to gain abilities that have been advantageous for our nutrition.

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3 Essential Truths About Nutrition and Bio-individuality

Nutrition is complex. As humans, we have spent a great deal of time trying to put different aspects of nutrition into clean, simple boxes in an effort to help people understand these complexities. Unfortunately, this sometimes means we are getting information that isn’t right for us. We are all individuals. And this means that we need to consider what nutrition is best for us…which may not be best for someone else.

Here are 3 essential truths about nutrition and bio-individuality that you need to understand in order to find nutrition strategies that are most advantageous for you:

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Digestion: the mother of your health

Digestive problems can arise as we age, undergo stress, eat too quickly, eat on the run, or eat diets composed of refined and rich foods, too much food, or foods eaten in complicated combinations. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite resources to help you learn more about the power of the gut and how to care for it.

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Supplements for enhancing your fat burning experience

Adapting your body to burn fat is just that…an adaptation…a process. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t look exactly the same for every body. Your experience may look different than mine, and may require different strategies. Today I want to talk a little bit about supplements that can help enhance your fat burning experience.

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Training For Longer Fasts

Why Fasting? I am a big fan of variation in diet and eating. I think this is more in synch with nature and humans have obviously adapted quite well to the cycles of feast and famine. Unfortunately we modern humans have attempted to outsmart nature and created a...

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How to Sensibly Cut Carbs

Do you know what your carbohydrate consumption looks like? Have you ever calculated your grams consumed in a day?

Many have not and many will not – and that is too bad really. But knowing more about your body, where you are now, and how the machine that is your body works will help you be more prepared to see where you are going, how to get there, and most importantly, why you are doing the work to get there.

Enter…sensible carb cutting!

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Balanced Menu Plans: Resources For You

I’ve said before that I never assume that anyone would want to eat the way I do so I have never created a meal plan as such. Even so, guidelines are helpful and seeing what others eat can inspire us – so I put together a short list of res

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What is the point of carb restriction?

We hear “low carb” or “carb restriction” within the health and wellness industry often. Our levels of obesity continue to rise and many people are at a loss at what to do about it. The basic truth is that body fat is stored “potential energy”. Your body needs a reason to unpack that storage. How can you create that need?

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Law or Lore? Timing of Protein and Exercise

Many studies have shown differing opinions on the importance of protein sources close to workouts. The research is conflicting and I look into these differing conclusions and what option might be best for your body based on your metabolism and schedule.

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Calculating Caloric Intake Per Macronutrient

In the hopes of building a leaner body, that is adapt at burning fat, you now know (from reading my previous series of Macronutrient Spotlight posts) that you want to feed your muscle by prioritizing protein. Now that we know this, let’s focus on understanding what this means for you and your body. There is no perfect number that fits everyone. Each body is different and knowing how to calculate protein and caloric intakes is important for your own health and wellness journey.

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Making plant based proteins work better for you

One common assumption that comes up when we talk Keto and adapting to burn fat is that plant-based proteins are bad. This is simply not true! There are around 20 amino acids that the human body uses to build proteins. If you choose to focus on plant-based protein sources, learn more about how proteins work in this article and eat a wide variety of foods to ensure that they are getting all the amino acids that they need.

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