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Law or Lore? Timing of Protein and Exercise

Many studies have shown differing opinions on the importance of protein sources close to workouts. The research is conflicting and I look into these differing conclusions and what option might be best for your body based on your metabolism and schedule.

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Calculating Caloric Intake Per Macronutrient

In the hopes of building a leaner body, that is adapt at burning fat, you now know (from reading my previous series of Macronutrient Spotlight posts) that you want to feed your muscle by prioritizing protein. Now that we know this, let’s focus on understanding what this means for you and your body. There is no perfect number that fits everyone. Each body is different and knowing how to calculate protein and caloric intakes is important for your own health and wellness journey.

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Making plant based proteins work better for you

One common assumption that comes up when we talk Keto and adapting to burn fat is that plant-based proteins are bad. This is simply not true! There are around 20 amino acids that the human body uses to build proteins. If you choose to focus on plant-based protein sources, learn more about how proteins work in this article and eat a wide variety of foods to ensure that they are getting all the amino acids that they need.

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Keto Tips For The Holidays

Many people stress about how the holidays will derail their best laid diet plans. If you’re feeling the squeeze this holiday season, remember that there are just a few days here and there of celebration this is not about a month long bender. Here are my top tips.

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Healthy Hydration: Top tips for fluid and electrolyte balance

Proper hydration is so important to your overall health. No one really denies this. But what is proper hydration? How much water do you drink? How much should you drink? Should it only be water? What about tea? What about coffee? Alcohol? Fruits? Vegetables? Jerky? Nuts? Obviously, there is much to consider.

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Alcohol and Fat Burning

Let’s talk about alcohol. In the world of nutrition, alcohol is sometimes considered the fourth essential macronutrient. But this one is a bit tricky. I’m going to highlight it as a macronutrient spotlight, simply because I think it important for everyone to understand how it is processed in our bodies so we can make the best and most educated choices for ourselves.

Can you drink alcohol on a “Diet” or should it be avoided?

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Earn Your Carbs

Carbohydrates are considered an abundant cheap and quick energy source. They have also become the center of the battle over the cause in the rise of obesity. Just like with proteins and fats we need to not only consider quantity but also quality and timing when eating carb forward foods.

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Fat…what is the deal with MCT oil?

Bullet Proof Coffee™ has become very popular over the years and the Bullet Proof ™ brand is very strong. This is by no means a criticism of Dave Asprey, because I believe he does make good products, but the popularity of adding fats to coffee has actually led to some questionable practices out there. If you have read my blogs and seen my posts you will know that I believe in getting my nutrients from whole foods as much as possible and only using these refined products as supplements if needed. In this article we’ll look deeper into not only MCT oil but also fat drinks.

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Are You Exercising Yourself to Death?

Contrary to what most people believe to be true about the best way to exercise for heart health, the medical facts simply don’t support it. A comprehensive study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that the recovery of your heart rate immediately after exercise is a risk factor for sudden death.

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Don’t Fear Fat

The fear of fat has plagued this country for almost 70 years. Thankfully, the tide has turned and more and more studies have come to light showing that the demonization of fats has hurt people more than it has helped them. Clean quality fats and cholesterol can be good for you, despite what we have been fed from the governmental and medical organizations over the last several decades.

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Mercury Toxicity: Associated Symptoms and Conditions

Mercury in significant quantities is toxic to the human body. Despite important actions taken to reduce our exposure, there are unfortunately still cases about that can be a cause for concern. It’s important to stay vigilant and understand how mercury and mercury poisoning can affect your body. Here are symptoms, categorized by body system or area of the body, in which to lookout for:

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Protein Food Sources

Where do you find quality protein sources? Proteins are in many different foods, such as both animal and plant options, yet the amount of protein in foods vary widely. Learn more about how to find your own best sources each day.

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What May Be Lurking at the Root of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by itchy, scaly skin plaques. The exact cause of psoriasis is unknown; however, more and more evidence suggests that the immune system can be a culprit when it is chronically stimulated, causing an overproduction of cytokines, which maintains an inflammatory environment.

According to a new study published in the journal International Immunology, researchers have discovered more evidence that a cytokine called IL-17A is especially critical in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Calculating Your Protein Need

Protein is the most important nutrient we can put in our bodies, and finding the right amount for your unique body is essential. How much protein? When should you eat? Fasted exercise? There are so many questions in the world of nutrition and I’m hoping we can answer some of them for you today…

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Leaky Gut: Can This Be Destroying Your Health?

Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is a major cause of disease and dysfunction in modern society, accounts for at least 50% of chronic complaints, as confirmed by laboratory tests. In LGS, the epithelium on the villi of the small intestine becomes inflamed and irritated, which allows metabolic and microbial toxins of the small intestines to flood into the blood stream. This event compromises the liver, the lymphatic system, and the immune response including the endocrine system. Some of the most incurable diseases are caused by this exact mechanism, where the body attacks its own tissues. This is commonly called auto-immune disease.

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Macronutrient Spotlight: Prioritizing Protein Basics

The word protein…is derived from the Greek word meaning “first” or “primary”. This means it is our most important macronutrient. If we were to get enough protein and not enough fats or carbohydrates our health would suffer, but we would survive. If we ONLY ate carbs and fat, we would soon perish, as the body absolutely needs protein. Luckily natural foods don’t come like this and protein sources can be found readily in not only animal products but throughout the plant kingdom, too, especially in nuts and seeds…

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The 4 Macronutrients in Order of Importance

When we think of exercise and body composition we have to think about what we are feeding and how we are healing. Our food provides us our nutrients which help our bodies function properly. Therefore, it is incredibly important to understand what it is you are putting into your body and how they each affect basic bodily functions. Here are the macronutrients in order of importance.

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Mapping Your Journey For Success: Beginning, Middle, and End.

Anticipation of the destination – It is really exciting to be going somewhere, to be starting something new. You likely set meaningful goals…something that you can aim for and something to focus on – the destination or the outcome you are striving for.

We all do this, and we are told that it is good to have something to aim for.

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